Center’s Divisions

Reception Desk: This division was designed especially to follow the client from the moment she enters the beauty center and to make sure she has all what she needs, and to make sure the she is satisfied with the center’s services. This division is always ready and prepared to answer any questions or inquiries that the client might have and furthermore advise in any matter she might need related to the center’s services.

Hair Care Division: In this division, all services related to hair care are offered including:


Dying of hair or locks of hair

Babyliss and Brushing

Keratin, Protein and Botox jobs

Hair washing areas and Cream Baths

Hair Form Division: This division provides the client with a vast variety of international hair forms done by professional hair dressers, as well as the latest kinds of hair extensions. Hair forms are divided into categories related to brides, business meetings, formal dinners and parties.


Makeup for engagement parties

Makeup for dinner parties.

Professional makeup artists use the best products and classiest brands to make sure that the client is very satisfied and happy with the ay she looks and feels.

Veil Design: Experts in all kinds of veil designs such as Turkish, Spanish, and Gulf styles of veil designs.

Manicure and Pedicure: this section our client can find anything and everything related to nail care, and hand and foot care (including French and other nail Designs)

Moroccan Baths: Sauna, Steam Baths, Henna Designs, Waxing, Total Skin cleansing, perfuming, and total body care.

Veiled Women Division: Many services are offered in this division to our veiled clients and a total respect and attention to privacy.

Bridal Makeup, applied using the best brands by professional makeup artists. Bridal veils are included.

The Waiting Room: Our clients can make themselves comfortable by waiting in our air conditioned waiting room which is also equipped with the latest audio visual technologies for entertainment.

Keratin Work: with Keratin and Collagen as well as Botox requires a great deal of care, attention and most of all professional licenses artists are required to do such meticulous work. In our beauty center, professionals check our clients’ hair and face to find out exactly what is best and suitable for them. Our products are approved and registered by the Department of Health.